Daily Run 2-8-11

Best thing ever:
I finally went back into the gym.  Its been at least 60 days if not more since I’ve had a serious workout.  My body is pitiful right now and lately I haven’t been feeling well or sleeping well.  If its one thing I know and trust about physical fitness, well its just that, that if you work on your physicality, you end up pretty fit.  The bad part is I’m still with 24 hour fitness and of all the huge franchises, they have the worst facilities (sans basketball courts).  The good news is my buddy Ann joined with me, so I have somebody to do cardio with, and thats been lacking since this time last year.

What I learned:
I need to find a better way to discipline myself.  I intended to cook dinner and pretty much stay under budget this week since I kind of splurged during the Super Bowl fesitivites here in Dallas.  Its not just about financial smarts.  I have been smoking cigarettes too often (3 in 3 weeks!) and I am drinking too much coffee.  I appreciate life changes and all, but these things aren’t true to me….. or are they?

Do Over:
If I could redo one thing from yesterday it would be my decision to eat lunch at Fuzzy Tacos in Lewisville, just south of 121 and Josey.  They were a new place, so I decided to give em a try.  Its not that they are bad.  Its just that they are a few bucks overpriced and nowhere near as tasty as Chipotle (or as massive) and nowhere near as authentic as the thousand or so other Mexican establishments in North Dallas.

Song of the Day:
Yesterday was a sunny and progressive sort of day.  The wind was breezy but not too much.  The only thing missing was the sound of the birds singing.  I made it through the day listening to Heaven on Fire, by the Radio Department.  I made a best of 2011 mix, but seemed to keep this one on repeat for about 30 minutes.

Random Thought:
What do you think would happen if the whole world farted at once?

Ryan Mega


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