If you don’t know by now, I am a music fanatic. I can bear to listen to anything at least once (hint hint).  I love to know that there is so much music in the world that I will never be able to listen to every song.  Music is infinity.  Since I fell into the habit of downloading music from the internet, I have been able to listen to tons of music that would never have found shelf space in the local stores in the small city where I lived for most of my formative years.  Not only does this mean a variety of stimulants from different genres, it also means a variety of music networks for me to blend with like minded music fans.  I’ve got a few hundred records from thrift stores, a few hundred more from my grandmas, and a twice as many from record pools back when I was a bedroom dj extraordinaire.  I have at least 2000 loose CD’s of burned music and mixtapes with no cover or case.  I’ve got another hundred or so CD’s still in the case, some not opened from the plastic.  I had more, but I sold as many as I could to pay for a vacation to Cancun, when I moved my catalog digital.  My Ipod is only 4 GB, because I fear if I bought a bigger one I’d steal too much music from deserving artists.  I couldn’t tell you what my favorites are.  I don’t have a lot of country, maybe about an album’s worth altogether.  I might have a double CD or two of classical music.  Surprisingly, I have as much punk rock music as I do old school hip hop.  But when I think about it, it all makes sense.  I’ve got more rap than anything, but not by far.  If I was a serious collector, my fortune would be in my collection of soul music.  I’ve got some rare ear food in that genre.  I don’t even think about the music anymore.  I just put it on.   I let em play.  I think I might try to categorize my catalog this weekend.  Its butt ass cold in Dallas and I will be cozy inside anyway.

One day, I’m gonna pass these scratched up records and cds down to my son or daughter.  I can’t wait to see the look on their face when they discover the stuff that I listened to, that the world listened to before they came.  Just going through my catalog alone is like a trip into a different world.  I snatched up a few records and cds at random and grabbed the combination of Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, John Klemmer, Ronnie Dyson, Roy Ayers, Roberta Flack, B.B King, Bobby Bland, Jackson 5, Kurupt, Eminem, Wu Tang Clan, Sparkle (yeah the R. Kelly chick), and James Brown.  And thats just the 45s.  On CD, I grabbed Donny Hathaway, a Slaughterhouse mixtape, Incubus, Coldplay, Muffy Cupcakeopia, a Bangladesh beats mix, DJ Assault, Bob Marley, Portishead, Beyonce, and Easy E.  The first 5 songs that played on my Ipod shuffle was the Sleigh Bells Rill Rill, Freeway’s Line Em Up, Lil Wayne’s Always Strapped Instrumental, Dam Funk Another Day at the Carnival and Bobbi Humphrey’s Chicago Damn.  One things for certain, I don’t have so called “nigga ears“.

One of my favorite records in my collection is this Minnie Ripperton joint. One day, I’m going to have a record made with that same cover design. Dope.


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