RDF (Raw Dog Fucking)Syndrome: Addicted to Naked Sex


If you’ve been reading, you know I’ve had an issue or two lately. Sex issues. I shared my 5 worst sexual experiences and my fear that I might need viagra. Well let me wrap this issue up with this post. What do I want to say? I have never had a bad sexual experience when I have had unprotected sex, therefore, my problem isn’t related to impotency or the need for viagra. My problem arises from my dependency on raw sex. I’ve had a lot of sex in my life. I wouldn’t say tons, but definitely enough to weigh the nuts I busted in pounds. In all of those times, I’ve probably had unprotected sex with about a dozen women, some that I had relationships with and some that were nothing more than flings. Feel free to judge me because I’ve judged myself on many mornings after, wondering and hoping for the best. And the best to hope for is no burn.
Why do I do it? Well if I had to think about it, I’d still arrive at the most obvious answer- the pussy feels better. And in all honesty, that’s the way god meant it to be enjoyed. But I need to count my blessings. So far, no whammies. I guess this is a call for help. Lately, my instances of unprotected sex are on the rise. Just a handful of years ago, I had no idea what it felt like to not have sex with a condom. After a long term monogamous relationship and a few rebound loves after, all of which I went raw regularly, its hard to even think clearly about condom use. I buy em. I wear em. But if I don’t have one, I’m like fuck it, let’s roll. My dick is like, if you don’t use a condom, I’ll get extra hard for you, and I’m all believing it because I want to go raw anyway (when the truth is that my dick will get hard regardless). So now I’m digging for reasons as to why I can’t fix this issue- what is this psychological crutch keeping me blind to the risks I’m taking, keeping my sexual gratification dependent upon raw sex? Its as if my mind is like, “dude what are the chances?” or “you know you’re getting old so an accident baby aint bad”- I can’t break this fetish of mine.
So I’ve come to a solution- find a good girl with a banging body (or two) and practice monogomous sex the best I can, that way when I do run out of rubbers it won’t be such a risky situation. Yeah, a good old fashioned raw fucking relationship is what I need. Its what got me into this mess, so it damn sure better get me out.
Maybe I should put an ad on craigslist.


2 thoughts on “RDF (Raw Dog Fucking)Syndrome: Addicted to Naked Sex

  1. You have reached the first step by admitting you have a problem of being addicted to having unprotected sex. I am not judging you, but this risky behavior is not good. After reading this, I have to admit that I felt speechless. After my speechlessnees subsided, then I felt like, ‘Damn this asshole.’ But like I said, I am not judging you. Nobody has the right to judge another person. I think that we all do things and don’t think about the consequences of our actions. We don’t think about what could happen to ourselves or how our actions will effect others.

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