midterm election love lesson: don’t look down

Flashback a few years ago, when things were still brand new and so luscious that we thought we had finally solved the mystery of it all, as if all of our ills were over and all of our dreams would come true.  The year is 2008, and Barack Obama has just become the nations first African American president in a landslide victory.  The platform:  metamorphose America for the future.  His appearances on television were akin to the Super Bowl going to overtime, a barn burning spectacle sure to have everybody talking about the same thing in America (for lack of a better metaphor).  A boy and a girl defy the odds by making what should have been a one night flight into something real.  The magnetism is real.  Literally. Their bodies buzzed like real magnets.  When near each other this addictive, pulsating sensation flowed through their bodies like energy from heaven. Something worth working for (for lack of a better metaphor).  The stories continued. And we know the stories.  Black man wins Presidency and the nation decides to usurp the constitution and cease all forms of rightful governing.  Boy meets girl and plays with her heart, like a kitten plays with a ball of string.  The situation remained the same and days upon days went by.

Flashback to the present day.  Mid-term elections are over and the nation has spoken.  Members from the ultraconservative Tea Party wing dominate the polls creating a direct opposition to the president elect and his platform of change.  Sensing his chances of achieving his stated goals are slim, and heeding the popular vote of the people, he recreates his platform and makes more compromises of himself.  He does this because he is a leader.  An awesome leader.  Real leaders know how to compromise and much more.  They gain insight and make changes with diligence in support of the success of the whole. Barack Obama is a leader; he may be the nations greatest when its all said and done.  Or he might not.

The boy and girl are in no better shape.  Unfortunately, the boy isn’t as good with loving as Barack Obama is with leading (ironic, because he too is a damn good leader).  His mid term elections have come.  And he has been booted from office.  And its a damn shame, because he was just starting to compromise and get a hold of the love thing.  But you see, thats where this boy and Obama differ.  While Obama might change his platform, he never changed his ability to lead.  He was always ready to lead.  This young boys changes have come too late.  He’s finally realized his badness, a full two years into the madness.  He was never ready to love.

A relationship is a game of chess in which you should be constantly studying your partner, gaining insights from their behavior and anticipating their next move and adapting your defenses to their .  The only difference is one ends in a checkmate and one ends with a soulmate.  That’s the thing you always have to remember about relationships.  They are forever changing.  Compromising.  Building. Growing. And yes, ending. Dying.  Barack is cool.  His people got his back even when he leads for the whole.  But, what about our boy?  Oh what he wouldn’t do for another two years in office. Maybe his people will rally for him and his heroic ways and he’ll win reelection.  Or maybe not.

He’s not a bad guy.  He doesn’t go to church anymore and he likes dirty jokes, but his good deeds have always outnumbered his bad.  Tenfold.  But good deeds don’t equal love.  Showing love equals love. Come Sunday, he’ll be listening to Lionel Richie sing “easy like sunday morning”, and she’ll be at service, as usual.  Maybe he’ll cry when Kanye and them rapping “don’t look down” follows on the Ipod shuffle, not knowing why, but still knowing.  Knowing what Barack seemed to know before he began this journey a few years ago.  You have to give your all to it.


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