I waited all day Sunday / for a call that never came / so I guess the words you said on Saturday were not meant in vain / you said I didn’t care; I couldve swore I loved you / but playing with my heart will make me hate you like no other / if late night conversations are what you think is missing / then why does my phone never ring unless you’re near my distance / if you think that I’m an asshole and really don’t care / know that I would be there for you, don’t you harm a hair / but these are words I’ve said before, I guess they were not felt / and now it seems the tension is getting to my health / so as soon as this cold i suffer from (that you gave me) leaves me be / that’ll be the end of you, cuz then I will be free…

You never call me unless you want to scream and pout / about shit I know nothing of; still I follow every word from your mouth / you say that we should hang more but never make the time / and when I do hear from you its “I’m drunk. You’re fine.” / so when the winter comes around and ice is on your road / you will know what its like to be left out in the cold / and when the summer comes around and spring time flowers bloom / our winter wonderland is done, for now its dead and doomed….

And if you ever read this poem it will be a surprise / suprised you could see anything but yourself with them ol brown eyes / I hope it doesn’t sting or bite – its not to make u mad / but I had to talk about it, to keep from being sad.


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