Its the first of the month…

I remember when Bone Thugs had everybody celebrating they government check like it was something to be cool about. “Wake up Wake up Wake up, its the first of the month”, they sang, but I wasn’t and still aint cashing no wic checks. I am at work today and I’ll be working 22 days this month. I’m looking forward to the holiday break if for no other reason than I plan to smoke and eat good. I hope to be all tricked out by then as well. We’ll see. For now, its day to day grinding, getting comfortable in my new gig, and trying to make progress to my goals. This is gonna be a big month for me. I’m officially back on my motto, work hard, play hard. This month, I’m playing at the Dewars Scotch tasting and the Bulls – Mavericks game to name a few ways to relax. I am back in the gym almost daily and I’m about to get back on Xbox live soon. Things are as they should be, almost. We’ll see where I end up on Black Friday.


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