i think i still got a little bit of magic left

I was a late bloomer. Luckily for me, I caught a growth spurt from out of this world my senior year in high school that lasted until my senior year of college. Every time I see a friend from back in those days and earlier, they are amazed at how tall I am. A few have even joked that I know magic. In all honesty, there was nothing magical about the awkwardness and mood swings that came from my hormones kicking into overdrive. There were times when I’d wish I would just stop growing already. I even started smoking cigarettes and cigars in a foolish attempt to stunt my growth. It was a little too late for that. My father is 5’9″. My mom was 5’10” and though that’s above average height for the average lady, there were no signs that I’d be an inch taller than my father. My grandmother said 6’0 at most. I now stand 6’6 1/2 inches into the sky.

Well I did the last time I went for a physical, about a year ago. I was suffering from my first ever symptoms of migraines, sinus problems, and high blood pressure. Not to mention an inclusive biopsy that had me worried for weeks. Of all the things that I should’ve been concerned about, the thing that kept my attention the most was my height measurement. I didn’t go to the doctor’s office often in Tennessee, but I knew my height when I graduated and it was 6’6. Even. Measured twice. Over two years. Growth spurt done I thought. Time to stack my wardrobe I thought. Wrong. Turns out I was still eaking a few bones a few different ways. My doctor left me with a warning about increasing my metabolism might increase my height, but I thought she was just flapping her lips because she had a license to. But I’ve noticed a significant change in the length of some of my favorite shirts and I’m getting the feeling I’m still growing. I still got a little bit of magic.

Its not really that far fetched. My mom only made it to 5’10 because she grew taller clear into her 29th birthday. I am her son. I have been making a lot of healthier choices. And I have dedicated myself to fitness more in the last two years than I have ever before. If working up a sweat helps spurn bone growth, I have been adding the right ingredients.

Its not a bad thing. Its all the same for us tall guys. The best of us luck up to be dark and handsome. But if I am growing I might have to seriously consider trying out for the NBA. Not just because I need the money, but because most people assume I play basketball now anyway.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna check with my doc on this one anytime soon. I gotta save my copay for new shirts.

—Ryan Mega
The Magic Man


One thought on “i think i still got a little bit of magic left

  1. Mr. Magic Man,
    I liked that. You are indeed a rather tall man. Like you said in your writing, I remember you definately not this tall at NSU. Keep growing and you may just have a pair of b-ball shoes named after you. You are tall, dark, and handsome 🙂 Keep up the writing.

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