no one will fall cause everyone will be each others crutches

Once upon a time, everybody’s favorite rapper, Jay Z, said:
“If every nigga in your click is rich, your click is rugged / no one will fall cause everyone will be each other’s crutches”
which translates into Your team is only as good as the weakest link.

I think about this idea a lot. I fancy myself the networker. As a kid, I created more clubs, gangs, and groups then Alfalfa. I never joined any clubs or groups because I deemed the 4H, Kiwanas, Boy Scouts, etc. below me. In high school, my friends and I formed a group that surprisingly is somewhat still intact, if not in body, then definitely in spirit.

Its amazing how that group of guys, those 12 or 13 or so of us have continued to live positive and productive lives. Back then I couldn’t see the common denominator, but now its clear. We were the good guys. We are the good guys. We are the ones that will grow and help our community and not be a detriment to it.

“Shit is Wicked on these mean streets / none of my friends speak / we all trying to win”

Yeah, we may not talk as much as we like, and its impossible to get us all in the same room, but we still tight because our ideals are tight.
And though we are still in the struggle, no one has given in, and for that alone, we are determined.

We have our own dreams but we share common goals and ideals. I wish my friends success. Thanks for motivating me over the years.

To the Tulsa crew:
Kentt Rhodes, Craig Wade, Azar Banks, Leon Fowler, Derrick Doyle, Jerald Brown, Shawn Hyche, Marco Fields, Michael Titus, Rico Hawkins, Antuan Ball, Mykel Childs, Steven Hampton

To the Cashville crew: Jon Jackson, Jeremy Daves, Kerel Webley, Jon Evans, Dwayne Siddell,

And of course my Chitown Folks:
You know who you are.

Thanks. Thanks for being a constant motivator by staying positive and productive and honest and hard working. My envy of you is the reason I go hard. You are positive peer pressure at its finest.

Ryan Mega


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