Goal Making 101

How often do you set goals? How often do you accomplish your goals? All my life, I’ve been writing down my plan of action. Whether I was planning my college education or just what I wanted to accomplish for the day, I have been in the habit of making a list and checking it twice.

When I was younger, I usually wrote down goals and wishes that I knew I could reach easily or goals that didn’t matter whether I succeeded or failed. As a result whenever I felt overwhelmed or unable to accomplish a goal, it didn’t affect me greatly because I didn’t care much for the goal anyway. Oh how I wish I wouldve put more time in goal planning for things I really desired. I’d probably have fulfilled all my dreams by now.

Nowadays, I write goals and separate them by due dates, long term goals versus short term goals. And I don’t limit my goals anymore. I write down the most far fetched goals, my dreams if I may, and I take baby steps to accomplish them. I gauge myself on these steps to accomplish said goal. Now I rarely give up on a dream. If I am struggling to accomplish a dream, I usually change the way I go about achieving it; I rarely change the goal.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science but the slight change in philosophy has given me more insight along the journey. I’m able to compare what does and doesn’t work and use better skill in hitting my goals. I’ve gained the courage to dream bigger- nothing is impossible with a logical plan of action and hardwork. But more than anything I’m able to make the necessary adjustments to achieve almost anything I put my mind’s insight and heart’s determination into.

Ryan Mega


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