FreeStyle Rant on Quran Burning

I am sitting in my car in, relaxing with the few minutes I have between interviews, thinking “hmmm. What can I share with the world.” I can’t decide what’s personal and what’s private. Instead of opening up and speaking from the soul, I’ll go and rant until I have to go shake hands and smile during this interview.

To be quite honest, I don’t want to rant. I just want to talk to you. I’ve got nothing to rant about. And maybe I’m feeling a bit nihilstic these days. I can care less, but that sounds more effort than not caring at all, if you know what I mean. Even though I don’t care enough to change the problems in this environment, my world and ours, I can’t ignore them. So here’s my opinion on a few things. Because after all, you can’t be neutral on a moving train (RIP Zinn).

So some dudes want to get together, form a parade, and burn the Quran. I’m like, “What’s that about?”. Its amazing how even with all this technology, innovation, and diversity SOME Americans refuse to accept that that the world has changed. Who the fuck does book burnings? This ain’t 1940 Red Scare times is it? Hey people who want to burn the Quran- did you know you can download it to your PC and Blackberry? How can you stop that? I wish a muthafucka would touch my Blackberry. See how fast I get medieval on they arse.

I know, I know, they’re doing it because of symbolism. I’ve never seen a Muslim nation burning the bible. They’ve got more respect for other religions than so called Christians, so they probably won’t do that sort of thing. They will however burn the shit out of the American flag. Some people in the middle east do it as often as black Christians sing Amazing Grace (if you don’t know-Thats a lot.) But you knew that. We see the images of these guys burning the flag all the time. I’m not a patriot, so I don’t get pissed. But I can see how a hick in Arkansas can take offense. Those guys get serial killer crazy if you touch their razorbacks pennant. So what do the guys from Arkansas, or whereever do? They up the ante. “Oh yeah, you’re gonna burn our flag. Well we’ll burn your Quran!” And I think to myself, how blind can they be. They are going to do this as a symbolic action against a religion. They are warring against a religion, not a country.

Most Arabs are crazy. But not Bin Laden crazy (just “Yeah I’m Muslim, but I smoke and drink and run a liquor store” crazy). But most Muslims are cool. The actions of some Muslims warrants a discussion of Islam and Jihad, but not this sort of disrespect. After all, where were these same crazy Christians at when they’re brethren bombed the churches in Atlanta (among many other injustices done in the name of the “good lord”). You didn’t see them burning bibles and torahs then did you.

Just saying,
Ryan Mega


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