nothing to share post: the lyrics to a nas song

This is from a Nas – freestyle from Funkmaster Flex’s 3rd mixtape. I post it because I’m in a writers block and unfocused. But it should be noted that this is my favorite verse of all time. Okay, one of my favorites at least. If I ever put out any music, I’m biting this verse.

chorus: rhymes, cash, weed, cars / ghetto celebrities, hood movie stars / rap singers and gat slingers are who we are / nasty to nas, nas to escobar / repeat X 1

My first two twenty twos / I hung with crews that rock funny jewels / rope chains, holler when we bomb sunday, school / first blunts? cutting class / first wifey? Had me nutting fast / used to brag about who I had / always wore a bag on my dick / pants sagged on my kicks / converse weapons / yellow and purple magics / bird had that black shit / shorties jumping on mattress / 97 pockets is fat / we rocking stocking caps under yankee hats / god painted me black / thanks for that / I’m original man / show and prove, the mack tool right in my hand / blow dro, murder my m.o. / god 4-0, tinted windows / hennessy xo / fucking with esco / heavy metal go at u / bless me, jail niggas go to hell quicker / diggin on they hundred shots / rocking vvs diamonds / medallion shining / from queens to long island / congratulate flex, 500 thousand sold / fucking better than gold /

Thanks Flex. Thanks Nas.


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