Soapbox Sermon for Love

Soapbox Sermon on Love
11 10 2009

Love is man’s truest understanding of God’s infinite wisdom. Therefore, I devote my life to forever searching for love and my faith in God forever carry me in my journey.

What is love but a mere emotion? Love is that and so much more. It’s just a feeling we get sometimes when we are with the ones we love or experiencing a surreal moment in our life. Love is the most superior sensation that the spirit can give us.

Just think of the other spirits within us. There are many other motivations, emotions and spirits besides love. There is of hate of course. There are nasty feelings like greed, lust, and envy, and there are other good feelings like peace, trust, and unity. And of all these emotions, it is love that conquers all; all of these second rate emotions and man made spirits, all meant to compliment or supplement love. But nothing can replace the power of love. Love is the great elixir to life’s ills. Do what you love and you will live a better life.

Love has never done anything wrong to you after all but we blame everything that goes wrong in our lives on love. Loves only desire is to uplift you. Love is whole and it has no holes or faults. It is the other emotions that must act as a substitute and replacement. They desire a yin to their yang. They are the imbalance of guilt and trust. They are the vulnerable pairing of lust and devotion. What do you pair love with? There is no equal; there is no foil.

Look into the world today. Do not be oblivious to love. When we see people being massacred in warzones or violent uprisings on TV, you might ask yourself where is the love? The world is trife with conflict created by people over man made emotions such as power and authority and honor. They use elaborate fabrications of emotions strewn together to elicit our love, but they can never attain the spirit with tactics that do not have the purity of love.

Where is the love? Love is nestled upon a perch in a mountaintop in the sky, shining in the sun. It is a rose in the concrete walls of the ice capped mountaintop. My love is a testament to my existence, without it there is no me. My faith impedes me to find my love. I search for omens to loves whereabouts. I study the love that nature gives to the sun and think to myself “If it wasn’t for the sun, the flowers wouldn’t rise. So is my love because God is why I rise.” We lose sense of our love when we get lost in the world. I search in every direction seeking love. And I build upon these tenets to better understand love until I exchange love with another. We make love and introduce life through our faith in each other. The gift of life is God’s love bestowed on us. Cherish it and love it.

Today when you go out into the world, spread the word of love to all that you know. Tell everyone you love that you love them and repair relationships jagged and broken. Nothing will bring balance to your life more than love. If you are doubting yourself, or hating yourself, or worried about your lack of what ever, take time out and love yourself.

Soapbox Sermon for Love
Ryan Mega

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