Curse Words? I’m on the fence.

The Curse: Good or Bad? That all depends beeeeeeeeyoootch!

Its not about the word, its about the man delivering the word. For example, I’ve only cringed from swear words a few times. Once I heard a pastor say fuck at a picnic away from church and I cringed, half expecting him to get shocked by lightning. I learned a lot when he didn’t. I repel in my skin everytime I here the N word being thrown about casually by friends, but cringed when I heard a white kid in the mall saying it to his friends like it was cool. I had to pull him aside and let him know I’m too old to beat his ass, but he is risking alot of cringing, upset people if he continues to use that word. Now if only I could get my friends to stop using it.

Other than that, I love curse words. I especially love when little kids adopt them. Its like “I can’t make a complete sentence, but in between slobber and tears, I know when to say ‘Fuck You'” and thats kind of cool. I think its cool for kids to curse as long as they know the rules, the whens, and where it is acceptable.

Funny that todays prompt was about this. I dreamt that I called my first born daughter cunt as a nickname and argued to my friends that it was a term of endearment “so just back off”. Now, I realize that was a nightmare.

I bet if I didn’t curse I’d be lot further in life. But I’d probably not be as stress free.


The Man Who Says Fuck. Bitch. Shit. Ass. Dick. Cunt. Pussy. Bastard. Just to keep his teeth white,

Sir Ryan Mega

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