My Day So Far 8/9/10

I woke up this morning a little earlier than I wanted to, but was okay with it because I went to sleep kind of early. Long Sunday equals a long Monday. I woke up and took a shit then poured myself a cup of 100 % Grape juice. The bottle had Woody from Toy Story on it. I was going to lay in bed and watch some Sportscenter, but sports suck right about now, so I decided to hook up a router to a friends modem so I could use my laptop’s wireless connection to browse from the bed. It couldn’t have been more relaxing. Well it could’ve been, so I jumped into some Adidas and wore yesterdays clothes as I drove to the convenience store to get a cigarillo. Around here, cigarillos are expensive so I subsitituted a cheaper brand to roll with. The brand is so cheap the tobacco falls out by itself, no split necessary. I smoked about half of a skinny blunt and left the rest as I watched yesterday night’s episode of Entourage and Hung. I can’t believe Vinnie Chase is mixing booze and pills. I decided that was enough hanging for the time being so I jumped in the shower and dressed for the day. I chose blue jeans. I locked the doors of my friends home as I brushed my waves into place and blinked to dull the suns blinding rays. My car was burning hot and mosquitos were nesting, so I turned my AC to the max as I cruised into the city to join the world. I shouldve carried my blunt with me. Or at least have grabbed a coffee.


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