S.A.I. -The Resistance

S.A.I. -The Resistance 

S.A.I.- The Resistance


For as long as I can remember my Life has been filled with interesting challenges. No matter where I have turned there has always been something in my path to test my will to succeed. These past 2 years were no exception. I was tried and tested in ways I couldn’t believe. I had 2 options, I could either 1) Give up or 2) Resist. Obviously I chose to Resist, thus my internal movement “The Resistance” was born. The Resistance is more than my mixtape. It’s my declaration against any trial, obstacle, or hardship which threatens my will to fulfill my destiny. Giving up is not an option.

I love watching films like The Terminator, The Matrix, and Star Wars. In each of these stories there exist a small “Rebel Alliance” or movement (The Resistance) that faces all opposition skillfully and tactfully in order to preserve the good of the Universe. Without them there is no Hope…..Without them there is no Story. Life doesn’t get better when we complain…It improves when we decide enough is enough and do what is necessary to change it. This is my contribution to that very cause. This is my effort to inspire those who want better for themselves.

I appreciate each and every last one of you who have inspired me to bring this mixtape into fruition. GOD knows I worked hard on it. May you enjoy. Let no Opposition break your will, and have Peace in the midst of it all!

– S.A.I.

— Nuff Said
Ryan Mega



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