Stylin – S.A.I featuring Ryan Mega produced by S.A.I.

Stylin – S.A.I featuring Ryan Mega produced by S.A.I.

    Click to Listen and Download “Stylin” from S.A.I’s the Resistance Album – Coming Soon


Verse 1
Ryan Mega
Players only live once, so I wear Polo / still keep a nickle plated automatic 44 / first nigga with the Y-3 logo / put the whole hood onto Yoshi Yamamoto / Chitown’s flickiest please take a photo / paparazzi see me and I can’t wear it no mo / back in the days I was bummy like a hobo / now I’m a trendsetter I can make the Go go / and back then I was peeling em on / to cop my high school chick heels to the prom /I been burned thru a million / now i’m trying to make bread like the Pillsbury farm / and pack the closets with reebok boxes / thats filled to the top with G Shock watches / yellow galoshes limited objects / shit you never seen til you seen how I did it / like “Damn homeboy where the fuck did you buy that?”  / like “Damn homeboy why don’t you go out and find it?” / one of a kind shit, custom made for Ryan shit / if I told you that you would think that I’m lying /I might come back in some AD’s / might come back in some Stacy’s / looking like Dick Tracy /. Trench coat  been broke / now I’m a Ben Rich / niggas ain’t ready thats the alias for pimp shit

Verse 2:
Ok! So Perhaps its not within yo best interest to insist you idiots can deal with us geniuses/we aint a bunch of artists’s/talking that retarded shit/this Messianic flo, magic carpets with the carpenters/I gotta make my mark baby, why? because I’m marvelous/ sword stay sharpened/purpose driven Life like Rick Warren/women say “S.A.I. he so adoring” /talking shit to the white man like I’m Al Sharpton/they said we was inferior, jealous of our darkness/mad because Flava Flav fucked one of they daughters/when centuries ago they was all up in ours/every second minute and hour/I’m hungry for the power/so give it back now-uh/cowa-bunga/ spit my words and get yo lungs punctured/I don’t want yo food shit you cant satisfy my hunger/supposed to be a leader but I’m livin as a loner/My girl gotta be a Rider but I didn’t say Winona/life is just s wet dream and I’m stuck up in this coma/ ugh! they say that I’m another wasted nut, that’s coming up quick with the style of King Tut/so what the fuck do they got to say, cause I’m go do what I want anyway/ if you steal my shit then I’m go take it back like O.J./15th letter in the alphabet you O me/its ok!

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Unplug from the Matrix 

Unplug from the Matrix – Click to Download


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