The Lounge on Elm – Dallas and Deep Ellum’s Home for Hip Hop

The Lounge on Elm – Dallas and Deep Ellum’s Home for Hip Hop

Where can you go in Dallas and see the best concerts and performances from local artists and those just out of the national spotlight?  The Lounge On Elm Street of course.  Since its opening a few years back, the venue has been a starting point for some of the cities best talents, especially in the hip hop community.  Ask anybody from the Duncanville to Denton and they will tell you that the Lounge supports hip hop to the fullest.  The venue packs 400 people at capacity, which is perfectly fine for the acts that are normally booked here.  There have been many legendary performances that have taken place here, from Devin the Dude to local star Playdough.  The Lounge is doing its part to bring together the many talented artists in Dallas by giving them a stage to perform.  In doing so, the venue has helped to reestablish Deep Ellum as a hot spot in the night life and local music scenes.  Check out the upcoming events on the The Lounge’s myspace page Upcoming Acts and Performances or come out and enjoy the Pigeon George show on April 9th. 


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