J-Mack – The Champ is Here

J-Mack- The Champ is Here

J-Mack doesn’t want no problems with nobody. The problem is that everyone seems to want to problems with J-Mack.  With his label, Paeme, on his back, he is making a name for himself in the streets of Dallas these days.  J-Mack is the one artist that keeps popping up in all of the places you other rappers want to be.  Opening up for big name acts? Check. Performing live at the One Revolution Launch Party? Check. Winning the DC-9 Vox Battle? Check.  Give the man a challenge, and he will rise to the occasion.  When you listen to the fire in his lyrics, know that the aggression translates to the track and stage show.  I’m a witness. Take my word for it. Or don’t.

J-Mack is working every angle on his music.  He got something for the ladies and the gents, the homies, and the thugs. His diverse offerings may be a result of the extensive traveling and insight from his worldly views. Born overseas and transplanted to Texas as a teen, J-Mack knows how to take a melody and pimp it like the best of Texas, UGK and such.  I could tell you more about it, but you better hear it for yourself.  Spend a few minutes at the company’s site, and watch those minutes turn to hours. 

Paeme is the label. J-Mack is the man. Get to know them both @ www.paemepromotions.com

—– Ryan Mega

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