ADd+ – New Boys

ADd+ – New Boys

When Pigs Fly is the name of the tape.  And Add Plus aka ADd+ is the name of the duo.  If you’re like me, then you are just getting wind of this duo.  Truth be told, they are a few albums in.  Last years intro to the Dallas music scene The 808 Presents: The Power of the Tongue was the most slept on release in 2009.  This go round, the duo is making sure that their new release garnishes the acclaim it so rightly deserves.  Produced almost entirely by PicnicTyme, the sounds are a bit more melodic and laid back from last years release and should be enough to solidify the ADd+ guys as staples in the growing hipster raps scene in Dallas with others like Sore Losers and Damaged Good$. 

One might think that the city has enough hipster duos, but unlike the other groups mentioned, ADd+ have a bit of a chip on their shoulder.  Their sound is more street and edgier than any other group bundled in this crowd.  Maybe its their Memphis roots, but there is a different aggression expressed on songs such as “Release”, that other hipsters wouldn’t fathom creating because its just too far from their reality.  “Po’ My Liqa” though laid back is full of battle rhymes and swagger that challenges anyone to question their ability to come with the lyricals.  And that was last years tape.

Snippets are available on the bands bandcamp.  With PicNicTyme rumored to do the majority of the production, the new tape, “When Pigs Fly” will be one of the best releases to drop in the next few months.

When Pigs Fly
The Power of the Tongue

—- Ryan Mega


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