All Around Grindaz- Guess Who’s Bizzack

All Around Grinders – Guess Who’s Bizzack

Two years ago the group hit the city with Bar All Fade None.  Since then, these “Businessmen” have opened up a few businesses and laid down the foundation for financial success outside of the game.  Now as the city heats up and the spotlight is on Dallas, they return to stake their claim on the city and the game.  Composed of Sir DreDay, Fly Clu?, and Shaw, this trio captures the style and swag of the city and reps it to the fullest.  Peep their ode to Dallas “City Like You” on their myspace page to hear it.  Stay tuned for more leaks from the All Around Grindaz and their fam as they continue to bring it with One Revolution Entertainment Network.

Spyda, Flyy CLu?, Shaw, Sir DreDay

—- Ryan Mega

All Around Grindaz Performing Live @ The Cavern on 1.23.20X.  Free Drinks Til 10. Come early to enjoy all of the acts.


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