Stein – Jack of All Trades

(Ein)Stein – Jack of All Trades

Most emcees just rap.  Some emcees might make beats.  Some emcees sing.  Stein aka EinStein aka EmHotep is a man that can do it all.  He is already two albums in, and is gearing up another feast for the streets.  It will be amazing to see if he has any guest apperances, but then again, when you can write, produce, arrange, mix, master, and edit your own work alone, why would you invite another chef into the kitchen?  Stein’s capable of delivering home cooked hip hop all by his lonesome.  Listen to his CD Love Episode and you will agree.  On “Please”, a plea to the hip hop community and most importantly the emcee, Stein spits Goodie Mob like lyrics over a track that sounds like the best of the Dungeon Family.  On “Feel My Flow” Einstein does his thing, displaying his knack for singing and rapping all on one song.  You can’t box this guy in. Ever.  Just when you think you know what he is about, he does something different.  He is very versatile.  Check out “My First”, a ballad where he actually sings.  How many word smiths you know sing?  I don’t mean like Lil Wayne, but really hitting notes and melodies.  The killer combination allows Stein to give many different flavors to the same track.  Oh and chances are, he made the beat too. 

Check out his myspace for more samples Stein’s Myspace or go directly to the albums to preview and BUY IT.  Please support local musicians the proper way.  Stay tuned to One Revolution for more from (Ein)Stein. Revo!

More music available for purchase and preview below.

Love Episodes


Hotep Films

—-Ryan Mega


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