Saiyan- Speech of Freedom

Saiyan- Speech of Freedom


Today I have the pleasure of introducing viewers of the site to a very special and unique and very necessary artist that goes by the name Saiyan.  Repping East Texas to Dallas, Saiyan’s debut The Awakening: Book One is a hard lined fastball at your cranium.  You have to be ready to listen because if you aren’t, you won’t hear the message.  Chances are that won’t stop Saiyan from giving you the food for your mind that it needs.  The first song on the album, “Birth Certificate” is a caught somewhere artistically between Ice Cube’s Death Certificate rhetoric and the imagery from D.W Griffith’s film “Birth of Nation”, because it is full of rage and propaganda. He spits new age black nationalism not heard in popular music since the likes of Public Enemy in their heyday.  Check out the track below to hear how he kills the shit out of the “Power Rangers” beat as he puts it.  He shows a deep perspective and respect for Black women on the song “Dedra” with Carroll Haynes aka June on the chorus.  In the song, he depicts the tale of what happens when  a man tries to stick up for a girl he calls a friend, but everyone calls a whore.  Deep and poignant.  By the time you get to the song “Put Em Up” which borrows Lil Jon in the chorus, its pretty evident that Sai, as he’s known for short, is about what he says. He name drops the likes of Sean Bell and Fred Hampton throughout.  Its only at the end of the cd do I realize, that he has made no reference to bling or getting money if not talking about the struggle.  You get the feeling he wouldn’t be satisfied with a million dollars.  He doesn’t want money.  He wants justice.  If you listen and hear that message then you understand that you haven’t been listening to propaganda, but the truth.  Stay tuned to 1 Rev for more about Saiyan or hit em up online.

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Track 4 – SaiyanDedra

Track 2 – SaiyanBirth Certificate

Put em Up (edit) – SaiyanPut Em UP


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