Jon Doe- Mr. Next to Blow

Jon Doe- Mr. Next to Blow

Introducting Jon Doe, an artist from the West Coast whose buzzing in all of the lower 48.  With a name like Jon Doe, fame would seem to an oxymoron; an opposite to the unknown existence that is a Jon Doe.  The artist named as Jon Doe will probably not have any of those same issues.  He is working wit Prince Maestro who has made beats for some of the more successful artist in the last few years such as Fantasia and Keyshia Cole (google him.), so it shouldn’t be hard for Jon Doe to keep memorable hits to remember his name.  On the song “Freaky in the Club pt. 2” Jon drops a little something for the ladies who are “really 5’2, but look 5’8 in stilettos”.  Its definitely aimed at the club and the radio and sounds like it might just be in rotation on both.  The song caled “Neva Stop Remix” is a bridge between Jon’s style and the hip hop world we all are living in.  Guest artists Jim Jones and Maino make a stop by to add the right amounts to NY bravado to the song.   With a campe like his and the style of  music that Jon makes, he blends in perfectly with the D-Town scene.  Keep watching his moves.  It won’t be long before hes on the radio and television doing his thing.  For more check out his myspace and twitter @ jondoesince1983.

 —Ryan Mega


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