Bishop B- Mr. Swagghop

Bishop B- Mr. Swagghop
OT Champion December 2009 


Versatility is a necessary factor if you want to have a career in hip hop. From the old school artists like L.L Cool J to current radio killer Drake.   Bishop B has got the versatility thing down and some.  Broadcasting live from the STP or St. Paul, Minnesota for those that don’t know, Bishop brings his latest, Mr. Swagghop, on which he displays a knack for taking his relatively street subject matter and delivering it on uptempo, rhytmic instrumentals.  He collabs with Joey Hustle to take the chorus on the song entitled “She’s So Serious” to pay homage to the one thing any man can agree on, and thats a fine woman. He takes his style to another level more on the joint “Start Running” where he comes in over horns with Joey Hustle and basically tells the world exactly why he should be considered as a threat “I got my all Black banger, all polished and shined up/ I got my alll black T, in the dark you can find em/ all black hoodie so I’m lost in the light / might as well call me Nightcrawler stalking at night /.  On other joints like “Facts” he goes more introspective to deliver a message for the youth over a beat that goes back and forth in the vein of the finest of Chicago’s house music, reflecting the second cities influence on the STP.  Get to know Mr. Swagghop in person this November 27th, at the Blue Nile, or follow him on his myspace for more.

Bishop B’s Myspace

Shes So Serious – Unknown Artist

Start Runnin Feat:Joey Hustle – Bishop B

FACTS – Bishop B


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