ShayBella- Mo Bella Blues

ShayBella- Mo Bella Blues

First and foremost I have to say that I am a little biased.  I really like ShayBella, and not just because she is rolling with the Revolution.  Good look though, if you ask me.  Shay as we gone call her is a lady in the utmost respect.  I listened to her first offering, “Lost In Space”, with an open ear throughout because the disc is varied.  She makes a great first impression with her ability to hit the clubs like one of the best of them on songs like “I Look Good”, a pretty decent entry for the first female into the D-Town boogie scene considering that no one is competing with her.  On “I’m Taking” she goes at it from jump with lines like, “Studios my trap, lyrics be my yayo/ mic gonna be glock, want it with me any day-o/ Quick server fiends and snort this real shit/ this ain’t no powdered sugar, guaranteed to get you lit”, Bella is one of the only lyrical female hip hop artists in Dallas making noise. I hear bits of Biggie and Aretha Franklin in her voice and that alone is enough for me to want more. So it is our special pleasure that we present a freestyle I called Mo Bella Blues.  Enjoy that and then follow the link below to the Revolution and listen to 5 cuts on “Lost in Space”. Peacing it Out.

Ms. “I Look Good” ShayBella

Click to Hear “Lost in Space”


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