Awkquarius- Clown Kings of the City

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It would be unfair to label the music that these two make as any one thing but funky.  The duo known as Awkquarius have been putting it down for the past two summers and are on the verge of releasing their debut album under the new group moniker.  Anybody who’s anybody knows these guys.  They are the constant in Dallas Hip Hop for the better part of two decades.  The elements have graduated.  They both anchor Whackpiktures, the production company behind classics such as “Fat Albert in the Hood” and the intro video for the group, “Let’s Hit the Town”.  Pikhasso holds it down with the “Black Man with Blog” site giving you a prescribed dose of infectious ignorance and poignancy.  Always on my RSS feeders for sure.  The groups homebase is typically considered to be the youtube( here) channel where most of their activity takes place now.  I’m surprised they haven’t switched over to to get revenue.  Chances are these guys could hold down a sitcom.  Not just acting, but the writing and direction and production as well.  These two are always up to something in the city.  Stay tuned for more.

 “Awkquarius “- An awkward funk hop duo from Dallas TX, whose birthdays fall under the same zodiac sign of Aquarius. The two combine, the ultra strange Brain Phunk vocals of Pikahsso Allen Poe and the self deprecating hip hop lyrics of the King of Whack, Tahiti, to form the best in awkward reality music. Formally of the hit group P.P.T. and winners of the Dallas Mavericks playoff song in ’06, Pikahsso and Tahiti bring the phunk in a super star awkward style as only they can do! Look out for the breathtaking Debut album coming soon! AwkQuarius began on July 31st 2008

Contact Info: : : : 214.481.5438


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