Flame Gang- Crime Nights and Limelight

Flame Gang- Crime Nights and Limelight

Swagger.  Its an addiction.  If you can maintain and live a normal life with it, people will give you props for it.  But if you let it consume you and weigh on you like Silverback Gorilla, then the swagger is gonna kill you.  I usually pump my swagg in doses.  Listening to Flame Gang “Catch Me in the Limelight” is one of the few times I let my swagg loose.  The chorus was talking to me.


Catch Me In The Limelight (Official) – Face of Flame Gang

Flame Gang consists of two members, Bue Gutta and Kerosene, from the P.G side of the city.  They have been spitting for about two years now with and really have been putting it in the studio lately.  Check their myspace for a few other songs, like “I Do”, definitely one of the more necessary songs to hear.  Straight rider music.  The beat bubbles with 808 beats under chopping chord that remind you of the best of the South. 
“2 Fresh, 2 Fly” is they taste on D-Town Boogie, beats by Juci 9. They rep the Greedy Grove to the fullest, and definitely have made a mark with some of they new music.

Get @ them on the network The Revolution


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