Da Deputy- Bring the Game Back

Da Deputy- Bring the Game Back

If i could offer my advice to any emcee in the game, it would be to go with your own style.  Don’t get wrapped up in the trends of the moment, because the moment is fleeting.  When artists do what they do best, the world is a much better place.  When I listened to Da Deputy’s myspace page, one thing became evident.  He should keep it street.  Something tells me that he is more a street guy than a boogie guy anyway.  Its hard to deny the effectiveness of “The Way I Move”.  Its the kind of song radio would get behind and could be number one with a 106 and Park to take it nationwide. 


Tha Way I Move (SS) – Da DeputyThe real stuff worth listening to comes when Dep showcases his lyricism and goes with his introspective flow.  On the song “One of Them”, he spits, I’m me, yep, I’ma be myself / why the fuck would I ever try to be someone else / you trying to act all gangster, cuz your homey is/ you trying to do all the gangster shit that your homey did / and why would you want to be one of them / god would’ve made you in they vision…./, stating clearly that he is very aware of his lane and how to stay in it.  It will be good to see where he goes with his sound if he does continue to hold it down the way he should best.  On the song, “Bring the Game Back” he makes his claim in the game to do just that and some.  Lets support this artist and see how he grows.  One.

EXTRA SHIT: Da Deputy “Say You Will” (He playing with autotune, worth listening to for that reason alone.)


Say You Will – Da Deputy


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