Damaged Good$ – The Dopest, The Flyest

Damaged Good$-  The “Dopest, The Flyest”
                             Concert 11/05/09 @ Fallout Lounge

Just in time for tomorrow nights festivities we present the newest song from our homies Damaged Good$ called “Dopest, Flyest”. Not sure who’s on the beat but its a bit of an ATL bounce to it.  I dig it.  You will too.  Eat your soup but first wash your hands, because tomorrow nights event at Fallout Lounge is “Spread Love Not Germs” and its all about charity.  And I’m like Jesse Jackson when it comes to charity, so I’ll want you to spread the word the best you can.  Free admission with canned goods donation as well, so save that beer money or throw it towards the pot (no pun intended).  DJ Schwa, Genova, and B.D.S are in the place as well so please come out and support one of the livest duos in the city.  The weather is going to be great and I’ll be in the building. When Cool Dundee and Theodore step to it, the bases are loaded.  If you can make it then we got a home run.  And if you ask nicely, I might throw you a can good for admission.

Get your fix on DMG$ now by downloading their song “Dopest, Flyest” by clicking the link above.   Wake up and listen to it some more. Make sure you wash your ass first though. I wanna see you and not smell you; Damaged Good$ gone make it funky enough.


Dopest, Flyestmp3 – Damaged Good$
Stay up with the Revolution for more to come from the DMG$ show at Fallout 11/05/09 and exclusive interviews, footage, and more.


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