Big J- Extinction Level Events

Big J – Extinction Level Events

This February marks the two year anniversary of the passing of DJ Frantik, one of Dallas’s best turntablist and deejays of all time. Frantik was one half of the duo the Clever Monkey’s, with emcee turned deejay Big J. Big J has been holding it down the last few years as a deejay spinning funk and old school dance music around the city. I first caught wind of the dude at the Cavern on Lower Greenville spinning Monday nights with DJ Schwa at the Cool Out promotion. The drinks are always cheap, the music is fun and the crowd is always eclectic. And while some deejays settle to move the crowd for the night, Big J’s following usually move with him throughout the city because he is a tastemaker extraordinaire. We recently sat down with Big J and talked to him about his status as one of the pillars in the Dallas hip hop community and what it means to carry the Clever Monkey name on. The audio isn’t the best quality but it should be delightful enough to those Big J fans out there who wanna know what the man has up next. Enjoy!

— Ryan Mega

Audio Clip: Big J Talks Dallas Hip Hop with One Revolution’s Ryan Mega

Audio Clip: Nobody Knows by Big J ft. Dudley Perkins (produced by Flying Lotus)

“I heard about his phenomenal talent on the turntables,” Abbott recently wrote in an e-mail. “One day I was fortunate enough to get to go by his house and see this long, lanky, soft-spoken young man. As we went deeper into his house, I noticed a room filled with all the latest DJ equipment and two, not one, turntables. Everything was set up in attack mode. He was ready to roll. He modestly turned on the power, and I witnessed his insane skills on the ones and twos. That skilled DJ made the turntables obey him like well-disciplined children. The turntables and DJ Frantic were one. He was a ninja. He had mastered his craft. The passion was there, the skill was there and the vibe was there. I was completely in awe. He was the man with the platinum hands as far as I was concerned.”

— Big J on DJ Frantic for Dallas Observer February 2008.

Stay tuned to One Revolution for more on Big J and a tribute to DJ Frantic


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