Tum Tum- Life of a Zilla’naire

Tum Tum- Life of a Zilla’naire

It goes to say that you can’t talk about Dallas hip hop these days and not bring up the Zilla man aka Tum Tum. I first took notice to this wild ass looking brother in the white T a few years back flipping through BET when I was out of town. I never forgot the shag.
You might laugh at the hair, but no other artist represents Dallas as concretely and realistically as Tum. His music captures the energy of more than one city in the metropolis so he’s repping for more than one hood every time he steps to the plate. With the recent showing of artists like Play and Skillz and Darrough, it will be nice to see where Tum Tum lands when he returns with his next major project. Until then get a fix on some of the classics that the good hood people of DFW put me on when I first arrived here. Zilla reps for the city, and the city reps for him back.

Click above the Album Image to hear a sample supplied by our friends over at DatPiff.com, who have the biggest catalog of Tum Tum that you can find of him on the net, or go directly to his page at myspace (click here)

— Ryan Mega


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