PicNic- Nick of Tyme

PicNic- Nick of Tyme

Picnic has been one of the unofficial ambassadors for Dallas hip hop for well over a decade. His roots go back to early Tribe days, and that is respect in itself. Whats more, PicNic is still holding it down and making noise in Dallas and in the world. Consistency? Check. Creativity? Check. Chart toppers? Check. Sometimes that all you need to make it nearly 20 years in the game. PicNic brings a different sort of flavor to the scene when he is doing his thing. His best mixes are probably still yet to come.

“Eyes Wide Shut” comes off like it should be on the Neptunes Greatest hits CD. Picnic holds his own to Pharell’s falsetto style on the chorus. “Black Tie Dynasty” is a experimental, yodel fest where PicNic bellows from the bottom of his lungs into the microphone about who knows what to a thumbing disco beat. Its nothing like Pharell and everything like PicNic at his best. PicNic has catalogs though and he has changed his style drastically over the years and changed it back every now and then so you can check his site for more information and to see where he takes his sound to next http://picnictyme.com/. Or just wait for one of the local weeklies to print something on him, because the kid does get a lot of ink for his Spike Lee-esque fashion sense and party people personality.

You’re gonna find it hard to dismiss PicNic. He makes the perfect theme for a playboy’s playpen. Listen and Lounge http://www.myspace.com/picnicman or do yourself one better and download a beat or two. Here’s a free sample to go in on (click here)

—Ryan Mega


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