DJ Love- These Are the Breaks

DJ Love- These are the Breaks

DJ Love has earned his respect over the years by taking advantage of every opportunity that he was given. How else can you explain a DJ from the prairie dog capital of the world, Lawton, Oklahoma taking it worldwide and back? DJ Love blends and mixes breakbeats that get the crowd hype. His foundation is hip hop, but bits of electronic and house drip throughout his mixes. Since his first rave in Oklahoma City back in 1992 (the first on record in the city- can you say Pioneer?) DJ Love has been a tastemaker and bridgebuilder between the cultures. He had a residency in Rome for 4 years, where he actually acquired the moniker “Love”. How many DJ’s you know got a story like that?

When DJ Love isn’t big pimping it in Rome or OT in Chicago or NY, you can find him locally in Dallas. His musical presence in the city won’t be denied. His label Stellar Music is dedicated to bringing quality hip hop and funky ass breakbeats. If you are a local dancer in the city, get to know this guy well. From the very first bass drum on “Double O Dubs” mix to the last hi hat on “Nightlife Crawlers” ft. L. Biasca and Jakia, the music is energetic and meant to energize the party. InfoRed makes a cameo on a track or two surfacing from DJ Loves 2008 works such as “Bring It”, showcasing DJ Loves foray into hip hop. It marks a decent start, but look out for his other venture The Nova Lab Project to deliver more of his hip hop appeal. Check out one of my favorite “Love is Love”, from the ELZE, on his myspace music page. Sample his dubs online at or take my word for it and download my favorite the Native Tongue Mix Don’t just sit at home though. This is not the kind of music you can sit and listen too before you start dancing. Don’t bust your ass trying to spin on your head- professionals only.

Catch more of DJ Love @ his myspace or live at the Zubar, October 24th.

—Ryan Mega


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