Playdough- Life Imitates Art

Playdough- Life Imitates Art

He’s white. Its best that we get that out of the way. You have to bring every stereotype about white rappers into play to even begin a story like this. Why? Because that’s exactly what the fans do when they listen. He’s going to be compared to Eminem. Critics will argue how close he can come to achieving the success of Marshall because they assume his art is cut from the same mode. Listen to his EP’s and you’ll see that the differences are bigger than the similarities. You might find yourself nodding your head to a new favorite.

Playdough’s myspace page (Click Here) showcases a good sample of his music. He is a touring performer and his live shows live up to the hype that his music creates. When you listen to his flow, it is easy to see how a comparison to Eminem could arise from tone, but who doesn’t know a white guy when you hear them on the phone? His approach at the mic is more Black Thought than Eminem though, and his laid back cadence blends in with the beats he picked for the cd. Playdough fancies himself quite the battle rapper, and on the song “Ohriginal Spit” he goes in every few bars showcasing his wordplay. He even has fun with an accent or two on the hook that make the song catchy enough to be a radio tune if radio existed. He does his best Jay Z rendition on “Clean Getaway” in which he jacks and does service to “P.S.A” produced by Just Blaze. This is the song that gets the crowd at the live shows up and moving. On the song, Playdough breaks down the current state in hip hop from his point of view.

Playdough shines when he uses his drawl to his advantage. His slower flows deliver more punch to the punchlines and the schizo flows are reminiscent of that famous white rapper. Playdough’s been doing it since 2002’s gospel tinged, “Lonely Superstar” and should be one of the beasts to look out for in 2010 if he stays in his lane and keeps doing his thing like he can.

— Ryan Mega


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