Jay Clipp- The Freshmaker

DJ Jay Clipp– The Freshmaker

DJ Jay Clipp is one of the freshest deejays to put it on in Dallas and has been for the better half of this millennium. He brings a deep knowledge of the crates and showmanship to every show. Catch Jay Clipp all over the city in a spot near you. He might be the hardest working DJ in the area. Catch him spinning anywhere from Blue Mesa Bar and Grill to the Adidas Store in NorthPark Mall. Make something out of your hump Wednesday every Wednesday and catch Jay Clipp at his residence spot at the Prophet Bar (this month Dead Prez are in the house) and grab a live sampling of his showmanship. I bet you can’t deny that he makes you dance.

Jay Clipp is a member of hip hop collective True School (to learn more about True School click here) featuring other well known hip hop heads such as 9th Wonder. The sounds and vibes that Clipp supplies will definitely have you feeling nostalgic for the classic days of hip hop, not so long ago. Listen to Jay Clipps new mixtape with his Point Blank Entertainment crew Soul 4 Sale Vol. 8 and catch him on his myspace page for more streaming music http://www.myspace.com/jayclipp.

Most importantly go and get that Soul 4 Sale vol. 8 featuring Jay Clipp and Cuzzin B from the Poinblankdjs website. (click here for snippets)

—Ryan Mega


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