Release Date

We are definitely in the beginning stages of the website still. The evolution of the revolution is now. The founders of the movement recently got together to forecast the first few events and directives for the clique so its only going to be a matter of weeks before we hit the blogs with our shit. There’s still a lot of wining and dining to do so we are going to keep grinding for this movement.

There is freedom in what we are creating so there is no limit to the effects that we can make on the game. We aim to be a staple in the scene so beware. I might just snatch your mic.

What up Chris Kane. Shouts to my man in the DMV. Its about to be a reason to step your game up. I got pit bulls with penmanship ready to go in on the wack shit. I’m gone dig it out for them. Editor’s note, better come dope.

Who’s in the studio these days? We are looking for some exclusives for the first mixtape. Send me a link or an mp3 to

Who’s CD pushback are you hating the most?
50 Cent
Wale free polls

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