Wanted: Renegade Revolutionaries

We are looking for Hip Hop Artists, Producers, and Deejays, Engineers, Record Store and Club owners, Booking agents, fashion designers, film makers, graphic artists, radio personalities, labels, blog writers and internet radio bloggers, strippers, models, and fans of hip hop looking to affect and change the culture. Lets get together and create the better tomorrow for hip hop culture.

If you are an active participant and not just a hater or a Stan, leave a comment with your website, myspace, or blog and or contact information. We can’t be neutral on a moving train. Lets bring it back to where it started from.

We are interested in artists and markets that have not had their fair share. Let us go to work for you.

We are a collection of enthusiasts from across the U.S with affiliates and offices in

Chicago, Illinois
Atlanta, Georgia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Washington, D.C
Nashville, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
St. Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Austin, Texas
Los Angeles, California
St. Paul, Minnesota
Richmond, Virginia
Norfolk, Virginia
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma

So what is One Revolution Entertainment. One Revolution is the dragnet syndicate that brings together those with like minded passion for hip hop. We love the culture so much that we will save it by creating our own pop artists. We are the new standard. Our power lies in our diverse perspectives.

Our movement is simple- affect the game. We are the bloggers who are in the streets first because we know you have to stand up and live before you can sit down, reflection, and write. We are the gateway for the artists who have developed a craft and possess an undeniable talent but want to go at it alone, or don’t have any connections or resources. We create the buzz.

Follow us or better yet, join our Revolution @ http://onerevolutionent.ning.com/ by posting a page with links to your music, portfolio or resume, and a brief page about how you want to affect the game.

This is for the underdog. This is for the underground. This is for the creative. This is for the hoods and the hipsters, the geeks and the gangstresses. The revolution will not be televised.


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