This just in: no Jews died in the holocaust. ¬†– trump and dem

Parergon to Patriotism

parergon: Word of the Day from
refugees and new prohibition. the president proclaims. and we stand by his perversities, purveyors of pain.  new patriots. Hedge funder kingdoms. Bids on Lord Baltimores going twice, and sold to the Russian baba with the most rupees. invading persia next. whole platoon piped out. taking lady liberty with us. poison serums coming. practice with ammonia.  learn to love the smell of napalm in the morning. pissing in a ditch on the path to peace. no pace with progressives.  just pebbles in a road full of puddles. parergons to the peril of prosperity.

On Kelly Ann Conway (a poem)

can’t knock her for working.  

she is suppoosed to disseminate propaganda on every channel im searching. 

But if I gotta look at that mouth on TV again.  

That’s an underbite you are born and die with. It’s like the antiHapsberg chin. 

She’s kind of not a looker. 

But I bet that small mouth makes quite the hooker.

Manchurian Candidate 

So how weak will these cabinet posts seem when Russia steps to us? Or China innovates? Are we ready to live in a world where America isn’t number one?  

Chicago will be New Moscow. 

February 2009

Before Trump had Twitter. Life was sweet. Where have all the Cowboys gone?

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