Working this part time at a welcome desk where nobody visits. Always tempted to write and more tempted to leave. Figured I’d use this time to catch up on a few phone calls. It dawned on me that those first three calls were always to lifelines. Whenever I feel alone I call my lifelines. Try to get three people to be there for you by being there for them and you’ll always have your lifelines. And never fail to call them when you’re feeling lonely.

I called my high school friend and made plans for the future. I called my girlfriend and talked about today. Then I called mom to talk about the past. Indeed my life is and always has been a part of theirs. No man is an island. And just like that I’m reminded I’m not alone.



When she offers to grab the take out so I won’t miss a second of the game I’m hooked…..


between the dying dusk and the drippings of dawn

i gleam and steam through fields of green

like trumpet horns and melodic songs

its a quiet storm and thunderstruck scene






No views

If I rant and rave here who’s going to read it? The safety in obscurity has never been appreciated more. I guess I haven’t done it lately because it feels petty. But I’m going in again so I guess I am.

First year teacher and I’m going grey. By the time this thing ends I’ll be going gray. The blog might as well be about that since ain’t no more gangsterism. Just old tales of how to be one.

Summer Philosophy

What need is there to cry over parts of life when the whole of it calls for tears….

Peccatum Originale Original Sin Guilt Corrupt Human Spirit
St Augustin
Kings and philosophers shit and so do ladies
All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to sit alone in our room
sub specie aeternitatis
Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made

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