Paid The Cost to be the Boss

This is right out of my grandma playbook. Like 10 years from now. Because she’ll still fuck you up for the freeski today.


When You Got That Glow

Mr Magic…. this is my mode.

What had Happened was….

You see this shit isn’t completely true. I gave her an onion of that girl and she said she’d give me a ride home. I wasn’t even trying to fuck Meeghan. I just had a long day of trapping and didn’t take to kindly to being robbed by a skinny little girl. Like I don’t care that she was gay. My sister is gay. So is my cousin. No bitch lick all the puss you want, just do what you said.

My Mood

If you gonna come for me, damn bitch come right.

Chasing Ghosts

Passport stamps are the only thing I really dig these days. And not yours, but mine.

I landed in Berlin days after she. She working- some conference in Potsdam, and waiting on me. We taking in the scenes of the industrial Bohemia burghal as we prepared to dash into the low countries of Europe. The half done intentions to fuck in four countries was only wanting of a drunken tussle in Brussels and a good fondling in London. At sunrise, the tetrad complete, we gobbled obligatory English muffins then took a graceful stroll in Hyde Park. You rode a rocket home to the states and I took a shuttle to another world. As I rode the midnight train to Paris, I could only dream of you with enervated nocturnal erections. Sometimes I wonder if I could live abroad- international pimping- but I’m bound to you. My soul is landlocked by your love. Yet in Paris I admit I found an ocean away from you.

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